Sunday, July 5, 2009

Daily Prayer for Priests in the Year of the Priest

Here at All Saints Academy we try to learn about all saints. We read the "saint of the day" from a variety of publications and try to celebrate a particular saint's feast day once or twice a month. We also read as many biographies as we can about saints.

Anyway, one of our favorite saints, the Cure of Ars, is honored this year on the 150th anniversary of his death. In honor of him and all priests, we invite you to pray with us for the priests of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. This list is from the Contemplative Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood in Portland, Maine. (Isn't it interesting that this is the month of the Precious Blood?)

July 1 Rev. David Fey, Rev. Toan Tran
July 2 Rev Alan Hirt, OFM, Rev. Gerald Bensman
July 3 Rev. Robert Obermeyer, Rev. Thomas Kreidler
July 4 Rev. Raymond Larger, Rev. Kenneth Baker
July 5 Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, STD
July 6 Rev. Paul DeLuca, Rev. Bryan Reif
July 7 Rev. Charles Mullen CPPS, Rev James Bramlage
July 8 Rev. John MacQuarrie, Rev. Dennis Dettenwanger
July 9 Rev. Steven Shoup, Rev. John Civille
July 10 Rev. Mark Watkins, Rev. Michael Holloran
July 11 Our Holy Father
July 12 Bishop Carl Moeddel
July 13 Rev. Charles Bergedick, SM, Rev. Joshua Otusafo CSSP
July 14 Rev. Erwin Bertke, Rev. Walter MacPherson
July 15 Rev. James Byrne, Rev. Robert Jack
July 16 Rev. James Elsbernd, Rev. Thomas Shearer
July 17 Rev. Philip Seher, Rev Satish Joseph
July 18 Rev. Francis Niehaus, Rev. James Schmitmeyer
July 19 Rev. Elmer Smith, Rev. James Weber
July 20 Rev. Kyle Schnippel, Rev. Jeffery Bacon
July 21 Rev. Paul Wolfer, Rev. Michael Beatty
July 22 Rev. Ronald Wilker, Rev. Harry Meyer
July 23 Rev. William Wagner, Rev. Hugh Henderson
July 24 Rev. George Klein, Rev. Theodore Ross, SJ
July 25 All priests
July 26 Rev. Ralph Westerhoff, Rev. Norman Langenbrunner
July 27 Rev. James Trick, Rev. Eric Bowman
July 28 Rev Edward Jach, SM, Rev Jason Bedel
July 29 Rev. Bernard Bruening, Rev. John Wall
July 30 Rev. Francis Miller, Rev. Frank Klamet
July 31 Rev. Anthony Fortman, CPPS

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