Sunday, July 19, 2009

Common Objections to Homeschooling Part 3

4) I have to work. Working does not automatically mean you cannot homeschool. I know many homeschool moms who work part-time. They have jobs such as nurses, doctors, teachers, medical/legal secretaries, writers, physical therapists, assisted living aides, tutors, music/art teachers/ tutors, photographers, child care professionals.

I owned my own homeschool supply business for 5 years. That was full- time in the summer and part-time the rest of the year.

This requires active support for the husband or other friends or family members.

I have known a few who worked full-time. The dedication and organization of these women are phenomenal. It can be done - with a lot of planning and fortitude.

5) I don't know math (or science or any other subject). Well this is a perfect opportunity to increase one's knowledge. Depending on the age of the children, a parent will learn right along with the child. If homeschooling an older child for the first time, a parent can choose from a variety of curricula that are much easier to use than when I started homeschooling. Not only are they homeschool friendly textbooks that don't assume that there is an expert teacher leading a class lecture, there are now correspondence courses, computer and internet based classes and co-op classes. Even in traditional schools, it is not uncommon for a student to use a tutor. Tutors can be an essential part of any education plan. I have one son who has a significant reading disability. He was tutored for a year to get him over a particular difficulty. I have tutored and taught co-op classes in logic, literature and writing classes, math and science.
I have enrolled my children in literature, religion, science, health and physical education classes.
The 2 most important things to remember is that a) you have God's grace with you to teach your own children and b) you have the answer key.

The Lord is my help. The Lord uplifts my life. I will offer you a willing sacrifice; I will praise your name, O lord, for its goodness. (Ps 53:6,8)

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