Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've been busy

Lately I've been feeling like a catering machine. Megan's sweet little Grace was baptized on April 26 with a party here afterwards. Megan came on Saturday to help cook and prepare.

Then on May 1, we catered the reception for Liz's wedding. 350 people - all appetizers. What a huge amount of work for about 24 hours! It was worth every minute to see the beautiful reception she had.

Then the following Saturday we had a shower for Ellie and Baby Joe. Fortunately it was at my mom's so I didn't have to worry about cleaning the house.

Then last Sunday, Little Joseph Daniel was baptized. We had about 50 people here - with Jonathan's family coming from Owensboro, Nashville and Louisville. It was so nice to see Johnathan's family again.

Now, no more parties for a whole, just baseball.

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