Friday, March 25, 2011

Poetry Friday

I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. I will start back up again by posting poetry on Fridays. Since it was Max's 11th birthday this past week, I will post one of dh's poems about Max.

Maxy my Boy

Maxy my boy you bring great joy
To Daddy every day
Though some are told at four years old
Don’t bother me, go play.

You snuggle up and share my cup
My lap is all your own.
I hug my boy just like a toy,
How big he sure has grown.

Your brothers four have gone before
Each in this lap of mine.
And sisters two, preceded you,
But all grew up in time.

It’s your turn now, and oh just how
I cherish moments merry.
Soon you’ll be too big for me,
But then, there is Kateri.

What will I do when Sweet Pea too,
Becomes too big for Dad?
If Sugar Plum is not my chum,
I surely will be sad.

But growing up, it is the cup
God has for us to drink.
To cherish now, and then learn how,
To love him more I think.

When hearts are full they feel the pull,
To let this love abound.
Be sure to fill your inner till,
And let his love be found.

Mark Hennessey (

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