Monday, January 4, 2010

Companion Saints 2010

Companion Saints for the Journey 2010

As many of my readers can guess, we are fascinated with the many Holy Ones who have gone before us. I recently became aware of the tradition of choosing a patron saint to accompany one on their spiritual journey each year. It is not uncommon that a saint chooses you!

Our saint of the year is Jane Francis de Chantal. We will be praying especially for mothers this year. I was surprised when this one was given to us since for the last two weeks I have been meditating on her life.

Anyway, in order to spread this saintly devotion, our family is offering to pray to the Holy Spirit for a patron saint for you and/or your family. If you post in the comments section that you would like family or individual patron saints prayerfully chosen for you, we will ask the Holy Spirit to assign one to you and let you know. It's not too late.

When you get your saint's name, google them, find out more about them. Get a medal or a holy card or picture and post it to your refrigerator or mirror and pray daily for their intercession not only for your life but for the lives of others. God bless you.


Fran said...

Hi Mary,
--- This is a wonderful idea.
Yes, would you and the family pray to the Holy Spirit - re: a patron saint to 'walk with me' this year?
What a great blessing. I just love the saints... I am inspired daily by the heroic and holy stories of their lives.
---Thank you, Fran

Mary Hennessey said...


You patron saint will be Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. Please pray for those who are persecuted for choosing Christ.

Anonymous said...


Our family says "Yes" to your family praying to the Holy Spirit for us in choosing a patron saint for us this year.

Many blessings to you,
The Feibelmans

Mary Hennessey said...


Your saint companion of the year will be .... St. John the Evangelist. Please pray for those wounded by life that they might be healed. Feast Day December 27.

Anonymous said...

Our little home school would love to have a saint for the year. Pray and see if the teacher needs her own saint!

Connie's Daughter said...

I'd love for you to pray for our family's patron saint for this year! Thank you!

Mary Hennessey said...

For your family It is St. Philip Neri (May 26) Pray for those who have yet to find true joy in Jesus.

For you it is Archangel Raphael (Sept 29) Pray for the healing of families.

Connie's daughter - for your family it is Blessed Mariam of Bethlehem (Aug 26) Pray for the liberation of those tho are under the power of darkness.

Teresa said...

Your posting was so timely. On New's Years Day mass at the Cathedral it was a mass for world peace and the procession began with a procession of portraits of many saints and blesseds. It struck me at that time, just how united we are all. Coul you please pray for our family and see if a saint has chosen us as well? Thank you for your efforts!

Teresa Clevidence

Mary Hennessey said...


This is interesting. We have a large box that we pick names from after praying to the Holy Spirit. Your family also received Blessed Mariam of Bethlehem (Aug 26)(Who is quite interesting I might add). Pray for the liberation of those tho are under the power of darkness.